Jan 10

Episode 9 – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

In this chilly winter episode, we’ll taste some unconventionally crisp and refreshing winter wines, and some more conventional deep warming ones too. Also, look out for sweet wines!

  1. Adega Coop, Ponte Barca (Vinho Verde). Portugal.
    • This is a crisp refreshing White, with lively notes of lemon lime, and honeydew melon, with a touch of natural effervescence. It is perfect to have before a meal.
    • Cost: $13.99
  2. Seven Sisters: Yolanda (Chenin Blanc). South Africa.
    • This Chenin Blanc is full of upfront tropical flavors with underlying green pepper and vegetative notes. Acid is clean and fresh on palate with lingering fruity aftertaste.
    • Cost: $16.99
  3. Robertson, Gewurztraminer. South Africa.
    • A sweet full bodied South African white chocked full of intense tropical notes of pineapple, banana leaf and fresh honey. It is a perfect match for spicy food.
    • Cost: $13.99
  4. Le Mourre De L’isle, Côtes du Rhône. France.
    • This is a blend of 60% Grenache Noir, 40% Mourvèdre with aromas of blueberry on the nose and smooth tannins in the mouth with sweet little red berry fruits and coffee hints in the finish.
    • Cost: $18.99
  5. Koyle, Cabernet Sauvignon. Miapo Valley, Chile.
    • Koyle Cabernet Sauvignon is dark ruby, with a nose showing a great amount of blackberry, dark chocolate, cedar, tobacco, and coffee and spice notes typical of the Maipo Valley. Tannins are well-formed, and come together beautifully, with a silky and balanced finish.
    • Cost: $22.99
  6. Sweet Baby, Cagnina di Romagna. Italy.
    • This is a sweet, grapey red, with hints of ripe fruits, and lots of berries, it is smooth, silky and devilishly sweet. It is a great match with dark chocolate cake, and fairs well with a little chill on it.
    • Cost: $16.99

This week at WineStyles SOLO we have all of these wines open to try by the glass as well, so if you’re in Chicago come in and see us!

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Oct 09

Episode 4: Fall In Love With Wine

Sorry for my absence, gang! I have been suffering through flu seasion, and if there is one time I can tell you that you should absolutely NOT drink fine wines, it is when you can not smell. Because 75% of the experience is lost.

This week I focused on wines that keep you warm as the temps drop this fall… and go great with fall time food, such as homemade chicken noodle soup, chili, stews and more.

  1. Divine Light Verhelho by: Vinaceous from South Austrailia $16.99
  2. Barbera D’Asti From Italy $14.99
  3. Terrapura Carmener Chile, Central Valley – $18.99