The Veneto Wine Show 2013!

Wine From Today’s Show: 

Nino Franco “Rustico“, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superior DOCG,  NV (2006)

Grape: 100% Prosecco AKA Glera

Dead Nino Franco

Alch: 11%


  • Color: Yellow to a watery rim
  • Bubble: Fat and erratic (Tank Method)
  • Brightness: Day bright
  • Viscosity:  Medium minus viscosity
  • Age/ Condition: Healthy and a little developed by the color


  • Condition:  A hint of oxidation
  • Primary Notes: Dusty tulips, beach wood, brused golden apple, & over ripe Anju pear
  • Secondary Notes: Meyer lemon, shortbread, & limestone


  • Acid: Medium minus
  • Sugar: Dry
  • Body: Flat
  • Complexity: This wine is sadly dead!
  • Primary Notes: Apple Cider Viniger
  • Oak: None
  • Finish: Sad
  • Possible Pairings: This bottle needs to be taken back from whence it came. This is when bad things happen to good wines.

Pieropan Soave Classico DOCG 2010


Grapes: 85% Gargenega & 15% Trebbiano

  • All estate grown & bottled
  • Fermented in cement lined with glass

Alch: 12%


  • Color: Bright straw to a watery rim
  • No Gas or Sediment
  • Brightness: Brillant
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Age/ Condition: Healthy with just a touch of age


  • Condition:  Bright and slightly developed
  • Primary Notes: Dried orange peel, thyme, Meyer lemon, & Napa cabbage
  • Secondary Notes:  Chalky, sea salt, & bruised jasmine


  • Acid: Medium
  • Sugar: Dry
  • Body: Silky
  • Complexity: This is a nice layered wine with ripe lemon and apple notes and classy signs of age
  • Primary Notes: Ripe Meyer lemon, thyme, & honey
  • Oak: None
  • Finish:Lingering
  • Possible Pairings: This would go well with a cream based risotto  or a creamier goat cheese such a Bijou from Vermont Creamery (Possibly one of the most addictive goat cheeses of all time).

 Zenato, Valpolicella Superiore DOC 2009

http://www.zenato.itValpo 2010

Grapes: 80% Corvina, 10% Rondenella, & 10% Sangiovese

  • 12 Months in Slovenian Oak

Alch: 13.5%


  • Color: Deep ruby to a salmon rim
  • No Gas or Sediment
  • Brightness: Dull
  • Viscosity: Medium plus
  • Age/ condition: Healthy with just a touch of age.


  • Condition: Day 1 really strong BRET, Day 2 healthy, & developed
  • Primary Notes: Dried rose petal, under-ripe raspberry, sour cherry & rye bread
  • Secondary Notes: Granite, leather, & dill


  • Acid: Medium plus
  • Sugar: Dry
  • Body: Medium
  • Complexity: This is a complex sandwich of dried fruits and earth
  • Primary Notes: Sour Cherry, muddy leather
  • Oak: Slovenian Oak
  • Finish:Lingering, and thought provoking
  • Possible Pairings: This would be great with squab, or a nice aged Gouda riddled with crystallization.

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