Wine Show Episodes

Jan 13

The Veneto Wine Show 2013!

Wine From Today’s Show:  Nino Franco “Rustico“, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superior DOCG,  NV (2006) Grape: 100% Prosecco AKA Glera Alch: 11% Sight:  Color: Yellow to a watery rim Bubble: Fat and erratic (Tank Method) Brightness: Day bright Viscosity:  Medium minus viscosity Age/ Condition: Healthy and a little developed by the color Nose:  Condition:  A hint of oxidation Primary Notes: Dusty tulips, beach wood, brused golden […]

Dec 12

Leverage takes on Wine Fraud: An interview with actor Aldis Hodge

I have been a long time lover of TNT’s show Leverage. For those of you who have not had the privilege it is an action-packed show about vigilante con-men, with a super talented cast of character actors. They are now in the show’s fifth season, which took a major foodie bent after the crew relocated their headquarters to […]

Nov 12

Spirit Lab Gin Show – Holiday Cocktails Made With Martin Miller’s Gin

The Man:  A larger than life entrepreneur, and inventor of Martin Miller gin.  He started out in youth with enterprises like breeding hamsters and making a mail-order book called “Success with the Fairer Sex.” He has had many more lucrative businesses since then, and in 1998 while sitting in a bar with his friends, sipping […]

Oct 12

Friuli Wine Show

Friuli Wine Facts: Years of wine production: Before the phylloxera epidemic, the winemaking history of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia was strongly influenced by the Byzantine Empire’s trading routes to the trading center of Venice. During the Middle Ages, travelers passing through this area brought grapevines from Macedonia and Anatolia. Under the Hapsburg reign, the French grape varieties were […]

Oct 12

Texas Wine Show:

Texas Wine Facts: Years of wine industry: 1650-present Total area: 261,797 square miles (678,051 km2) Size of planted vineyards: 3,200 acres (1,295 ha) Grapes produced: Aglianico Blanc du Bois Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon Carignane Chardonnay Chenin Blanc Gewurztraminer Grenache Lenoir Malbec Merlot Montepulciano Mourvedre Muscadine Muscat Canelli Mustang Noble Norton Orange Muscat Palomino Petit Verdot […]

Nov 10

Italy Part 3 – Trentino-Alto Adige (South Tyrol)

This is one area with two heads. Alto Adige is is the northern most part of Trentino- Alto Adige. In fact, until 1919 it was part of Austria’s Tyrol, which is why it is sometimes referred to as South Tyrol or Sudtriol. The area is still predominately German-speaking, and still very German in their wine […]

Oct 10

Italy Part 2 – Lombardy

This is the wine region that takes up most of the norther edge of Italy. It is just east of Piedmonte, and it is one of the largest and most populated ares in Italy, which is great for their economy, but not always so great for wine making. Historically this area was behind the century’s […]

Oct 10

Italy Part 1 – Piedmont

This wine region in in North West Italy, or as I like to call it, “The Thigh” of the boot. Piedmont literally means, “at the foot of the Mountains”. The Mountains we are talking about here are the Alps. To put the region in perspective, in “non-wine” land marks, the principal city of this area […]

Feb 10

Episode 11 – Off The Beaten Path

Chicago Sommelier Sara Kay shows off some little-known, delicious, and very affordable wines to see you through to the springtime. La Levraudiere, Muscadet Sevre & Maine. Loire Valley, France This wine has a touch of apricots and a hint of honey with fine crisp acidity. It is fuller in front than normal years because 2008 […]

Jan 10

Episode 10: Sara Kay’s Wine Club

Each month Sara Kay chooses a selection of wines for her wine club members at the WineStyles in Chicago’s South Loop. Since everyone has different tastes, she chooses two sweet wines, two dry white wines, and two dry red wines for her wine club members to choose from. In this episode, we’ll taste the monthly […]