Oct 09

Episode 5: Happy Hallowine!

The first Wine Soaked Halloween Episode! Featuring:

  • Pure Evil Chard… $10.99… an obvious example of over MLF treatment, as well as “wood chips” opposed to quality oak barrels, the fruit and butter is overwhelming and flat. However the 14 + alcohol kicks the party into gear. I will say it’s significantly better with melon pop-rocks. Makes it sooooo much better.
  • Evil Cab Sav… $10.99…… This is a Cab from S. East Australia… it is a cooler climate, so this Cab is different then what we think of as Cabs, it has bright notes or cranberry, and raspberry, high acidity and low tannin. It is opposite of the Cabs we know from Bordeaux & Napa. It will not blow your socks off, but it will get the job done.
  • Ghost Pines… $22.99… This Cab is a delectable blend of Napa and Sonoma fruit fermented in new french Oak, and it shows. There are lovely elegant layers of black cherry, tobacco, leather, and a touch of eucalyptus on the nose, and it is followed by a dry smooth toasty pallet. It is hauntingly good!

Oct 09

Episode 4: Fall In Love With Wine

Sorry for my absence, gang! I have been suffering through flu seasion, and if there is one time I can tell you that you should absolutely NOT drink fine wines, it is when you can not smell. Because 75% of the experience is lost.

This week I focused on wines that keep you warm as the temps drop this fall… and go great with fall time food, such as homemade chicken noodle soup, chili, stews and more.

  1. Divine Light Verhelho by: Vinaceous from South Austrailia $16.99
  2. Barbera D’Asti From Italy $14.99
  3. Terrapura Carmener Chile, Central Valley – $18.99

Oct 09

Week 2 Musings on “Wine & Philosophy”

Wine & PhilosophyAs usual my work & life schedule has eaten a large chunk out of my reading time.

But what I was able to chip away at makes me love this book even more. 🙂

In Chapter 2 we leave ancient Greece and Rome, for a scene and a history which is much more familiar.

“On and Off the Wagon & the American Character” by Jonathan Alsop.

This chapter outlines America’s beginnings in wine, and its hypocritical/puritanical stance toward booze in the times leading up to, during, and after the most ridiculous period in American history: Prohibition. It also talks about how we are still slowly bouncing back from that. The chapter discusses the effect that movies have had on  the wine industry in America, good, bad, and ugly. And how NASCAR may be responsible for the rise of the Smoky Mountain wine maker.

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