Sep 13

Spirit Lab: The Greenbar Distillery

I first experienced GreenBar Spirits upon starting my new job as Beverage Director at The Muddy Leek  in Los Angeles. My 1st week was all about trying to figure out what my predecessor had left for me and where to go from there.  I noticed we were running low on our house rum, and before […]

Feb 13

Sara Kay’s Meatballs of Glory!

About: Meatballs are found in almost every culture, and can be dated back to 700 BC. They are, in essence, portable baby meatloafs. The purpose is to cut meat with other protein, starches, and veggies, to boost their nutrient value while stretching the meat. I have been a huge lover of meatballs forever — however, when my husband discovered his gluten allergy, I had […]

Nov 12

Spirit Lab Gin Show – Holiday Cocktails Made With Martin Miller’s Gin

The Man:  A larger than life entrepreneur, and inventor of Martin Miller gin.  He started out in youth with enterprises like breeding hamsters and making a mail-order book called “Success with the Fairer Sex.” He has had many more lucrative businesses since then, and in 1998 while sitting in a bar with his friends, sipping […]

Oct 12

Sara Kay’s White Beans & Bacon

About: This is my take on a tasty fall time Medieval English dish. It is great as a meal, or a side, and if you follow a low-carb diet is surprisingly healthy.  Prep Time:10 min Cook Time: 10 min Difficulty : Easy Serves: 2 meal/ 6 side Best Pairings: B&G Vouvray 2009 The silky pair […]