Sep 09

Episode 3: Get Screwed!

For Episode 3 of Wine Soaked, Sommelier Sara Kay brings you Chicago’s only punk rock wine show! Sara Kay punks out with a full meal’s worth of wine sealed entirely with new, non-traditional enclosures–including “Stelvin” screw caps & even pop tops.
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Sep 09

Book Suggestion! “Wine & Philosophy” by Fritz Allhoff

Wine & PhilosophyI received this book from my life long drinking partner 😉 on Valentines day of this year. But due to studying for levels 1 & 2 of ISG, working over 40 hrs per-week, and trying to break in to the Chicago stand up scene I had very little opportunity to crack the cover till this past week but I am HOOKED!!!

I am only 22 pages in right now and I already have thousands of little side notes and pictures.

I love it most because it blends all of the tons of Greek and Roman history, philosophy, and theater facts that I had to digest in my years of theatrical training (FYI if you ever want to know more about that go to sarakaysnider.com) with all the fun facts and experiences I am acquiring along my wine soaked road.

I highly recommend picking up a copy and reading along with me!

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Sep 09

Episode 2: The Dinner Party

Sara Kay looks at three wines that she’s selected for a dinner party, explains how they pair with her food, and shows how to open three types of wine bottles.

In this episode:

  • Emri Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc ($15.99)
  • Dry Creek 2008 Chenin Blanc ($21.99)
  • Van Duzer Vintner’s Cuvee 2007 Pinot Noir ($23.99)

Also, check back here later on in the week. Sara Kay will be posting her wine list for the upcoming show, so that you can buy in advance and taste along with her!

Sep 09

Episode 1: Blanc de blanc vs. Blanc de Noir

Sommelier Sara Kay gets a bubbly start on her new Winesoaked wine video blog series by examining two bubblies: Pierre Delize blanc de blanc and Gruet Brut blanc de noir. Along the way you’ll learn how to open champagne (or any other bubbly), the purpose of a champagne flute, and, if you’re lucky, how to enjoy bubbly as much as Sara Kay does.