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Jul 14

Quick Sips: Abecela Reserve Tempranillo “South East Block” 2009

The Back Story: This is one of 10 wines that found its way to me so that I could become better acquainted with Oregon Wines thanks to Trellis Growing Partners. It is produced by Earl & Hilda Jones in Southern Oregon’s Umpqua Valley. This couple has a a passion for bringing spanish varietals to America. I am 90% sure that I […]

Sep 13

Spirit Lab: The Greenbar Distillery

I first experienced GreenBar Spirits upon starting my new job as Beverage Director at The Muddy Leek  in Los Angeles. My 1st week was all about trying to figure out what my predecessor had left for me and where to go from there.  I noticed we were running low on our house rum, and before […]

Feb 13

Sara Kay’s Meatballs of Glory!

About: Meatballs are found in almost every culture, and can be dated back to 700 BC. They are, in essence, portable baby meatloafs. The purpose is to cut meat with other protein, starches, and veggies, to boost their nutrient value while stretching the meat. I have been a huge lover of meatballs forever — however, when my husband discovered his gluten allergy, I had […]

Jan 13

The Veneto: 101

We have been exploring the Tre Venezie on Wine Soaked starting with Trentino- Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Guilia, and today we are going to explore the most well know of this trio of wine regions that surround the city of Venice, that is The Veneto. Some people love this region’s wine for its complexity and some […]

Jan 13

The Veneto Wine Show 2013!

Wine From Today’s Show:  Nino Franco “Rustico“, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superior DOCG,  NV (2006) Grape: 100% Prosecco AKA Glera Alch: 11% Sight:  Color: Yellow to a watery rim Bubble: Fat and erratic (Tank Method) Brightness: Day bright Viscosity:  Medium minus viscosity Age/ Condition: Healthy and a little developed by the color Nose:  Condition:  A hint of oxidation Primary Notes: Dusty tulips, beach wood, brused golden […]

Dec 12

Top 10 Hiring Tips

One of the most important processes for any management team to master is the art of strategic hiring.  Your human resources are your best assets and can also be your demise. Here are ten tips on how to pick the best possible candidate: Assess your current team-  A work team is like a small community. When thinking about adding another element to that community make sure to take stock of […]

Dec 12

Leverage takes on Wine Fraud: An interview with actor Aldis Hodge

I have been a long time lover of TNT’s show Leverage. For those of you who have not had the privilege it is an action-packed show about vigilante con-men, with a super talented cast of character actors. They are now in the show’s fifth season, which took a major foodie bent after the crew relocated their headquarters to […]

Dec 12

Belated Beaujolais Thursday 2012

I’m a very festive person in general, so I get especially excited about wine holidays! One of my favorites is Beaujolais Thursday, which is the third Thursday in November when each year’s vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau is released. This is a fun wine tradition that started in 1935 and has been tweaked, official, unofficial, but always recognized. This […]

Nov 12

Spirit Lab Gin Show – Holiday Cocktails Made With Martin Miller’s Gin

The Man:  A larger than life entrepreneur, and inventor of Martin Miller gin.  He started out in youth with enterprises like breeding hamsters and making a mail-order book called “Success with the Fairer Sex.” He has had many more lucrative businesses since then, and in 1998 while sitting in a bar with his friends, sipping […]

Nov 12

Spirit Lab: Gin

As the holidays are approaching, I am going to feature the history of classic spirits to provide a better love and understanding for these products. I decided what better spirit to start with then the first one I ever enjoyed drinking all by itself: Gin.   Historical Time Line: 1550 -16oo-Dutch professor of medicine Dr. […]