Sep 09

Book Suggestion! “Wine & Philosophy” by Fritz Allhoff

Wine & PhilosophyI received this book from my life long drinking partner 😉 on Valentines day of this year. But due to studying for levels 1 & 2 of ISG, working over 40 hrs per-week, and trying to break in to the Chicago stand up scene I had very little opportunity to crack the cover till this past week but I am HOOKED!!!

I am only 22 pages in right now and I already have thousands of little side notes and pictures.

I love it most because it blends all of the tons of Greek and Roman history, philosophy, and theater facts that I had to digest in my years of theatrical training (FYI if you ever want to know more about that go to sarakaysnider.com) with all the fun facts and experiences I am acquiring along my wine soaked road.

I highly recommend picking up a copy and reading along with me!

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