Dec 09

Episode 8 – Bubbly Wines For New Year’s Eve 2009!

In this bubbalicious bubbly tasting, we’ll look at 6 off-the-beaten-path sparkling wines to spice up your New Year festivities!

  1. Finca El Retiro, Extra Brut (Chardonnay & Pinot Noir). Mendoza, Argentina.
    • Love it!
    • Cost: $13.99
  2. Castillo Perelada, Brut Cava. Spain.
    • AWESOME nutty, citrusy, bready heaven
    • Cost: $15.99
  3. Antonin Tuffer, Blanc de Blanc (Chardonnay). France.
    • Large Party Worthy… buy for cost, not quality
    • Cost: $11.99
  4. Luis Pato, Maria Gomes, Portugal
    • Fun, rare, more for food then celebration
    • Cost: $19.99
  5. Luis Pato, Baga. Portugal.
    • Jammy, dry and wonderful
    • Cost:$19.99
  6. Michel Loriot Cuvee, Brut Champagne Rose. Champagne, France.
      • A perfectly elegant dry Champagne Rose
      • Cost: $46.99

      Remember that each of these wines, and all of the rest of the wines you see on WineSoaked, are available through my Chicago wine store, WineStyles South Loop.

      To order, call (312)431-9999 or email me at SaraKay@winesoaked.com. Note that if you need me to ship, standard shipping and handling will apply!


      Nov 09

      Episode 6: What the Heck, Malbec?

      • PSH (Malbec) 2008 $14.99… This Malbec is from Mendoza Argentina. The wine maker is Philip Schell, a native frenchman from Bordeaux, who is trying his luck in Argentina, so needless to say I was excited to try this wine. However, I found it to be shockingly fruit forward with bright notes of blueberry and blackberry notes, and the acidity was shockingly overwhelming. It was a good burger wine, and not much more.
      • Antis (Malbec) 2008 $15.99… This is also a Malbec from Mendoza. This was significantly more pleasing. It had a lovely nose of plums, tobacco, and leather, and a medium bodied velvety palate, that makes it lovely to drinkable wine on it’s own or with a juicy piece of steak!
      • Bianchi Famiglia 2007 (Malbec) $24.99… This is the KING of Malbecs. This one has been aged in oak for at least 10 months and it shows. It is significantly more complex and less acidic then the 1st two. It also offers up some richer bakeshop elements such as cocoa, coffee, and cinnamon. I could drink this all night long… and just might. It also seems the only one worth cellaring.