Episode 1: Blanc de blanc vs. Blanc de Noir

Sommelier Sara Kay gets a bubbly start on her new Winesoaked wine video blog series by examining two bubblies: Pierre Delize blanc de blanc and Gruet Brut blanc de noir. Along the way you’ll learn how to open champagne (or any other bubbly), the purpose of a champagne flute, and, if you’re lucky, how to enjoy bubbly as much as Sara Kay does.

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  1. Hi Sara. Loved your spiel on sparkling wine. One of the bottles we opened for New Year’s was actually the Gruet, so it was fun to hear (ex post facto) what you had to say about it. The Pierre Delize sounds tempting but….it proves to be elusive. I found only one source for the stuff out in Illinois! I am in New York (City). You would think someone would carry it here!

  2. Olya,
    As to the Pierre Delize, it is all over Chicago, but it is distributed by Glunz which is a really old “only IL distributor”, so it is possible that IL has exclusive rights to it.
    I recommend trying to find any blanc de blanc cremants from the south of FR.
    Thanks for watching, and Happy New Year!
    Sara Kay Godot

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