Book Suggestion! “Wine & Philosophy” by Fritz Allhoff

Wine & PhilosophyI received this book from my life long drinking partner 😉 on Valentines day of this year. But due to studying for levels 1 & 2 of ISG, working over 40 hrs per-week, and trying to break in to the Chicago stand up scene I had very little opportunity to crack the cover till this past week but I am HOOKED!!!

I am only 22 pages in right now and I already have thousands of little side notes and pictures.

I love it most because it blends all of the tons of Greek and Roman history, philosophy, and theater facts that I had to digest in my years of theatrical training (FYI if you ever want to know more about that go to with all the fun facts and experiences I am acquiring along my wine soaked road.

I highly recommend picking up a copy and reading along with me!

Here’s a fun quote to wet your whistle: “The pleasurable life would be assumed by the majority of Greek males to involve symposia, at which fine food, pleasant drink, and entertainment of a sexual nature would all be present. These social occasions, where friends gathered together, and, had nothing to fear from others present, were the appropriate place for exploring pleasures of wine while minimizing risks. The very word ‘symposium’ implied social drinking, and the drink concerned was wine.”

Hmmm…. I wonder if college “symposiums” of today are still just veiled wine soaked orgies?

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  1. I LOVE THIS. Once again you have exceeded my wildest expectations. Your Mom told me about this. I just saw episode #2. Our tax man called in the middle and I gave him the link. I have emailed everyone I know to spread the word. Julie&Julia have noth’ on you babe. Look out!!!!!

    I love you,
    Aunt K.

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